Classic Motorcycle Warehouse.

January 31, 2010

John Munn of the Classic Bike Warehouse is seen here demonstrating the hand start of this Velocette LE. Apparently the Bobbies used these to run down crims in post WWII Britain. At the time, it was a requirement for the Metro Police on foot patrol to salute Sergeants and Inspectors. This became dangerous when this little pearl was introduced as saluting requires some skill in one-handed riding (Pastrana could do it), so the boys in blue on bikes were allowed to show their respect with a smart nod; hence the bikes became known as ‘Noddy Bikes’. This created an altogether new problem costing the Queen a few of her Royal Jewel’s. The incessant nodding causing neck pain and migraines in a high percentage of the Bobbies resulting in a tsunami of disability leave and high-priced Pilates and Shiatsu massage bills; thus fleecing her majesty’s jewel bin near bare.

A 45 minute drive from Melbourne is all that stands between you and this playground for your inner excitement monkey. Well worth it for the thorough representation of European bikes and scooters. My monkey is still screaming and throwing peanuts.


One Response to “Classic Motorcycle Warehouse.”

  1. gg said

    how freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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