At It Again.

February 21, 2010

I was in the same position as I was last time I posted when the sunset was up to tricks. This time was slightly different, instead of the glow of gold tinting my room, the white sheet drying on my door became like a bitten blood plum. Breathtaking.


Miss Mousie.

February 18, 2010

I was taking some photo’s of the Fiat’s last days in the factory today because of how odd it looked as the hoist, used to heaving giants in the air, groaned with the same effort lifting this little sweetheart. I then noticed, in this photo the splash of red lippy applied for her last days here in the shed. What a little cutie; making herself look the best so as to froth up all the fun times and tug on those heart strings a little harder. Farewell Miss Mouse, you will be missed.


February 16, 2010

A follow-on post from Fiat 600. If anyone has driven in one of these things, you will know how close you are to everything, from the outside world to the propulsion parts encased in the silk-thin skin of this car.

Imagine the panicked Latin diatribe stuffed into these little tin bullets. Co-driver, wildly gesticulating, screaming at the driver that he had come in too hot and over-cooked the corner; driver: silent, eyes wide, teeth clenched. The soundtrack: Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee.

Quiet Time.

February 16, 2010

I am a bit flat stick for the moment and will continue to be that way for another two weeks, so forgiveness please for the slow down in posts. I will, however, try to punch as many keys as I can over the next couple so as to keep those whistles wet.

Onwards and upwards Mousies!


Fiat 600.

February 15, 2010

This is a Fiat 600, or Seicento if you want to home-tongue it, another filly in the auto-stable from where I work. The little dolly is about to trot off to greener fields and will be sorely missed. Read the rest of this entry »


February 12, 2010

The end result.

Peter Hennessy.

February 11, 2010

I was walking past the Gertrude Street gallery today and saw this great show. Peter Hennessy, if it is the same one, is the artist who made all of those space craft out of ply, canvas and steel. Here he has made a plaster model in which he has stuffed explosives, put in a tank of water and then detonated the bomb; the end result being explosion art! Get me a shotgun so I can shoot rose bushes. The video was amazing, to see the flex in the perspex when the explosion went off was magnificent. If you get a chance, treat yourself and go see the show.

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Them Good Ol’ Days.

February 10, 2010

I found this today while looking for a blank sheet of paper to draw on in an old sketch book. This is a sketch for a painting I did for one of my first group shows in Sydney. Brings back sentimental memories of last minute dashes to do something for the show, being the only one in the gallery late opening eve still painting this sucker off canvas onto wall.

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“A Soft Hammer by Thor!”

February 10, 2010

This has been the cry for centuries up until about 75 years ago when the Thor Hammer Company opened it’s doors. Specialising in soft-faced hammers for the motor, aeronautical, marine, railway and any other industry of human triumph; the Thor Hammer company are still a family owned and run business with the Managing Director being the son of the original founder. These guys are so good they are supplying the Ministry of Defence and Nato!

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This is really worth a watch, even if it’s  just to see Steve Earle 100 mile-an-hour in contrast with Shane Macgowan, who roll’s in late, laden with a green plastic sack full of gold which makes coffee Irish.