New Addition.

February 2, 2010

This may bare some explaining, I work out of a warehouse in an industrial area of Melbourne, Australia. I share this space with people who represent genius in motoring restoration. This place is full of things that are mental patient fun! Over the next little while I will try to document all the cool-drenched toys in the shed.

This fine example of fun is Ian’s Bultaco Metralla MkII. When this thing arrived tied down on the back of Ian’s truck, it looked like a wild beast motionlessly calculating the ripping and tearing it was going to unleash when released. We survived and I fell in love. The stripped down look of this slightly battle-scarred Bultaco ruffled my feathers to say the least. With the twin leading front brake to that beautiful 2-stroke motor this Metralla is impossible to resist.

Bultaco was born in 1957 when Francisco “Paco” Bultó, a then director and driving force of the racing program of Montessa motorcycle company, left Montessa because he had a disagreement with another director over whether to continue racing or not. When the pussy side of Montessa triumphed, Bultó and the majority of Montessa’s racing division packed up their spanners and took their technical expertise of fastness and radness and started Bultaco. Yessssssssss.

The lads set up shop in primitive conditions in an old farm owned by Bultó and got to work on the Bultaco Tralla (the Spanish word for whiplash) 101, a 125cc 2-stroke street bike. In March of 1959 they launched the bike, and two months later had entered Bultaco’s first Spanish Grand Prix, taking seven of the first ten places.

The other thing worth a mention is that amazing logo. Bultó decided upon the “thumbs up” after seeing British motorcycle racer David Whitworth giving his pit crew the signal to signify that all was well. And all was well indeed.

Does anyone else need a paper bag to blow into?


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  1. Happy Groundhog’s Day!

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