“A Soft Hammer by Thor!”

February 10, 2010

This has been the cry for centuries up until about 75 years ago when the Thor Hammer Company opened it’s doors. Specialising in soft-faced hammers for the motor, aeronautical, marine, railway and any other industry of human triumph; the Thor Hammer company are still a family owned and run business with the Managing Director being the son of the original founder. These guys are so good they are supplying the Ministry of Defence and Nato!

I was gifted this at the warehouse after Max had thrown it against the wall; obviously frustrated that, unlike the Norse god of thunder’s original, this hammer bearing the god’s own name, wasn’t slaying giants and returning to the hand of it’s owner.

A boomerang hammer! Can you imagine? As the temptation to misuse this thing is already almost more than one can bear; can you just imagine if, when thrown, it would hurtle towards a chosen target, strike a fatal or near-fatal blow and then deftly return to the palm of the thrower? This world would be a very different place, drive-by Thorrings, there would be no more open caskets at hunting accident funerals. No more graffiti, just hoodlums devouring the streets bus stops and telephone boxes with their boomerang hammers. Imagine road rage. Jeepers!


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