Them Good Ol’ Days.

February 10, 2010

I found this today while looking for a blank sheet of paper to draw on in an old sketch book. This is a sketch for a painting I did for one of my first group shows in Sydney. Brings back sentimental memories of last minute dashes to do something for the show, being the only one in the gallery late opening eve still painting this sucker off canvas onto wall.

I remember the night of the opening it was raining that Sydney tropical rain, bucketing down. Benny, my legend of a little brother and I had discovered the booze had dried up; not to be discouraged, we thought it wise to shoot across Oxford st. and straight into the Gaslight. Dodged the first lane of traffic but got stuck on the island and as soon as we halted a bus bombed past through Lake Michigan drenching us entirely with a tsuanmi of road water. It was like car-muck-face-enema Yuk. All the more reason to medicate; kill those road germs with frothy elixir.


2 Responses to “Them Good Ol’ Days.”

  1. kseverny said

    wow. i really like this

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