Fiat 600.

February 15, 2010

This is a Fiat 600, or Seicento if you want to home-tongue it, another filly in the auto-stable from where I work. The little dolly is about to trot off to greener fields and will be sorely missed.

The Fiat 600’s were in production from 1955-69 and was the first rear-engined car to come out of the Italian car manufacturer’s stables. They became so popular that at one stage Fiat announced that they were producing 1000 Seicentos a day with a total of around 2 500 000 made through their years of production.

Abarth, the Italian Dr. Frankenstein of car racing manufacture, got their hands on the 600 and made them into weapons of fastness and raced them; from the pensive-mouse-in-a-bowler-hat looks of these things, you expect to hear Benny Hill music whistle out of the exhaust instead of the roar of finely tuned carburetion and combustion. Having some cooling issues, after the race-readying mods, they decided to crudely prop the engine cover open not only solving their initial over-heating problems but also making car more aerodynamic and hence faster. GO FAST FIAT!


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