Truckie’s Hitch.

March 1, 2010

I was prompted the other day, when picking up an old VW wreck, to whip out the trusty truckie’s hitch. I had rolled the wreck, with the help from the boys at Volks Power, onto the trailer and realised I had left the key to the toolbox, containing the ratchet straps, back at the warehouse. I drove off from Volks Power tentatively, giving the boys a ginger smile and wave, with only the winch chain to hold down the bouncy beetle.

It was pretty slow going as I watched the excitable wreck skip over every bump in the road, desperate to come ride up-front with me. About 100 meters down the road I reached under the seat and discovered treasure in the form of sailing rope. Planting relief into my emotional utility belt, I pulled over and tied down the patiently waiting bug.

Check the photos and instructions after the jump to learn how to tie one of the most useful knots ever for securing loads.


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