The Odd Visitor.

March 2, 2010

It was early one morning last week, I walked outside for a quick break from the canvas, when I chanced upon this lad: a Phasmatodea, or stick-insect as is more commonly known. Having never seen one before in the flesh, I was excited as Angelina in an orphanage.

Phasma from the Greek, meaning phantom or apparition, old Count Stickula here wasn’t doing such a flash job of upholding his reputation in keeping hid. As I started taking photos, he started to sway in an effort to mitigate suspicion that he was not, in fact, just a twig. I hadn’t the heart to tell him of his failure to his species as I could smell a rough night on his tiny bug breath; so I decided upon writing down a couple of suggestions on a tiny piece of paper and tucking it into his tiny bug pocket.


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