The Outlaw.

March 16, 2010

Outlaw is what they call a 356 hot rod and as I was pinning it down the infobahn in the wee hours this morning, I stumbled across my good friend Marc Banks’ 1956 356a outlaw  here, 11 pictures from the bottom. Upon sending him the link, he fired me back the above gem. Marc is a true artist, his canvas, the early 356. When they raced these things, they used to bolt fluted panels into the rear windows to channel air to the engine to aid in cooling; Marc has gone that one step further and seamlessly blended the fluted panel with the car giving it more cool in every sense of the word. This cake is all icing baby, loud, fast and meaner than the Huns, I can’t wait to see what Marc rolls out onto the bitumen next.


One Response to “The Outlaw.”

  1. tommyzee said

    Super custom for a smooth customer. Its looks balanced even more. Regret to say I do not have one yet as I just don’t fit in them. Think hightower in the original Honda civic pre 88 in police academy. What a pleasure to see that though.

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