A Start.

March 24, 2010

Dawn was shattered for me this morning by the rasping of Ole’ Mate next door clearing his face tunnels in the shower. As the din from his nose holes made comfortable in my ear holes, I was shot from bed like his sleeping green candles were shot from his caves. I contemplated my next move as I sipped tea, trying to come up with a reasonable excuse to hold off on kicking the Christmas jiggle. “Too much work to do this, exercise isn’t fun that…” I bit down hard, strapped on headgear, mounted my two-wheeled shim and rode off against the tide of employed and scholastic.

“This isn’t so bad..” the spokes cutting the wind as I ride on past fluorescent humans, diligently keeping order as their behemoth settles in place to hoist massive things up high all day. Past smartly dressed rats, huddled on concrete islands awaiting the steel serpent to whisk them off to the big race. Past a little man in a tie and short pants, imploring Miss for fairness. Past impatient, rubber-hoofed beasts following the tar, inching ever towards rage and the big smoke. Finally past The Captain, with his trolley dripping treasure, as he vomits abuse, vying for first in the loudness stakes.

It’s great to be alive.


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