The Interceptor.

March 27, 2010

Paul, a good friend and newly returned soldier, brought his Ford XB coupe down to the shed the other day for a quick cut and polish. The XB is not only the true Australian muscle car but is also a pop icon as it starred as “the last of the V8 interceptors..” in the cult movie Mad Max. As you can see from the photos, this thing is a beast and worthy of the status it carries. When roaring through the streets in this monster, the amount of toot and thumbs-up combos you get from proper Australians who care about important things is staggering. You can see why. The way this thing sits on the road and looks perfectly at home in industrial Australia, makes you want to grow a mullet, have a shirts-off day, swill VB and jerk your head when you speak so your flowing locks flick about like a squirrel’s tail. More photos after the plunge.


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