A Thing of Rare Beauty.

September 8, 2010

One word friends: Triumph. In particular, the pre unit Triumph. What a great little doco! From the intro where the toff narrator slags legs as an outdated, unreliable and inadequate mode of getting about to the orchestral Tom & Jerry busy-in-the-factory music; this legendary piece of cinema makes you long for simpler times. Times where parts for these things were in abundance and a full rig only cost you as much as an oil change today.

Yes, my friends, there were no heel-clickers or superman’s in those days, just a factory Triumph and twenty blokes scrambling aboard, doing 15 on weedy football field. Even the horses look like early Disney scrawls, compared to the wild, thoroughbred, track-devourers of today.

The Triumph factory would be my first stop on my time machine trip, where I would twinkle-toe around the factory to the busy score, scooping up bikes and  parts until the time transmogrifier was stuffed near bursting.


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