67′ Norton Atlas.

October 13, 2010

Marc’s new toy turned up the other day, and I was frothing at the bit to welcome the new arrival. Take the plunge to see more pictures.

A 1967 Norton Atlas is what those peepers are peeping, take a moment to let those eyeballs soak. Restored down to its nuts and bolts, every detail of this beauty has been attended to but not overdone; from a distance she looks like she’s just stepped out of the chrome bath, but upon closer inspection, there is just the right amount of patina on the tank, the “Norton” is painted on as is the Union Jack and everything is as it should be with the world.

The list of importantcies about this bike: a 750 sucking from a 6 gallon tank pulls the slimline featherbed frame like a thoroughbred, ready to cook past stone walls, bashing hangers in the Isle of Mann. I’ve sat on the thing and even sat still you feel like your committed to fast riding, despite your leisurely intentions. Can’t wait to start her up for a ride!


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