The Spud.

January 29, 2010

The Spud, as the peoples call it, is Andy’s 1953 356 pre-A Porsche, and let me tell you: she rips! With the body done by none other than the man who was born with a hammer and dolly in his hands: Max “The Metal Magician” Hayes (he also did the paint by mixing some left over colours) and the rest done by Andy himself, she is a work of brilliance (in this humble reporters opinion). You can just picture yourself finishing a beer with your navigator before slicking back your hair, putting your smokes back in the sleeve of your t-shirt (the place you keep em’ when you’re not smokin’ em’) about to get into this thing and race around the Baja California Peninsula.

Andy got me to pinstripe and paint a character on his little Baja car. Worth the leap to check more photos of this chocolate out of the box.


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